Poetry nominations for Best of the Net

Sweet is proud to announce it’s poetry nominations for Best of the Net. Congratulations and thanks to the following poets:

Maxima Kahn, “Following the Footsteps

Carolyn Willilams-Noren, “My Daughter and Her Best Friend Made Blue Jay Masks at Camp

Amy Strauss Friedman, “Biopsy

Peter Grandbois, “To sing and begin again

Lesley Wheeler, “Feeling Good

Lisa Rhoades, “The Words at Hand

AWP 2016: Book Fair Day 2

I’ve been playing Electric Literature Bingo and not doing particularly well. However, there is still hope. That diagonal is looking promising. Please come stand near me tomorrow at the Sweet table, bring someone with you, and ask loudly (so I can overhear you) where your friend/companion/partner/mentor/squirrel/idol gets their ideas.  Continue reading

“A Personal, Vulnerable Thing:” A Reading with Terrance Hayes

You can’t miss a Terrance Hayes reading. For months, the local community of writers in Tampa buzzed about Hayes coming to the University of South Florida to spend a week as Scholar-in-Residence, attending classes and hosting a Wednesday night reading. Some of us had class, but it didn’t matter. You ask to be excused, you leave early, you do what it takes. But you can’t miss Hayes. Continue reading

AWP 2016

Sweet is coming to AWP16 in the form of chapbooks— Jill McCabe Johnson’s Borderlines — editors, and readers.

Come visit us at the book fair! We’re located in space 1841 at the University of South Florida table and would love to show you what we’ve been up to since our fundraiser and latest issue this past December. Continue reading

“I Come from a Family of Strong, Strong Voices”: An Afternoon with Aja Monet

I kept looking over my shoulder but I couldn’t find Aja Monet among the teachers and organizers gathered in the back of the filled Grace Allen room at the University of South Florida. I was excited to see her in person after watching Youtube videos of her reading on a sunny sidewalk or in front of a slam crowd. Jessica Thompson, a second-year MFA at USF, came to the mic and introduced Monet and her notable acclaim since winning the champion title at the Nuyorican Poets Café grand slam when she was only nineteen. Continue reading