Elizabeth O’Brien


HENCEFORTH the peerless jury
finds gravity null,
unconstitutional—at last
hereby nothing binds
or keeps us

from disanchoring.
Sweet revelation! Oh

good fearless citizens:

Annotate the textbooks!
Dismantle the roofs
and parapets,

we’re unstapling
our bones

are ruderal


like dandelion snow.

Elizabeth O’Brien grew up partway in Ellicott City, recognized as the most haunted town in the state of Maryland. She grew up the rest of the way in Somerville, MA, where Marshmallow Fluff was invented. Her writing has appeared in numerous literary journals, including New England Review, Little Patuxent Review, The Journal, Diagram, Pank, Sixth Finch, and Revolver. Follow her on Twitter and the Medium at @elzb_obri.

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