Michelle Bonczek Evory

I Dreamed of You Again,

Jon Stewart, your arms spiraling
me away from a life of student loans and waiting
tables, canned tomato soup and grilled cheese
sandwiches, ISIS, bad mortgages, Fox News,

and war. Just you and me throbbing inside
New York City, the Chrysler building hovering
gold above us, the angel you are
slipping truffles from the next door chocolatier

into my mouth. You bring me daisies and mangos,
the scent of silver in your peppered hair. We stroll
past restaurants, speak prosciutto, tyropita,
enchilada, palak paneer. Before catching the Mets,

we wander the halls of the Met saying bellisimo,
and the corridors of natural history awed
by bones, stones, the unbelievable heat of the universe
that shaped your tongue to melt me so well.

Michelle Bonczek Evory is the author of The Art of the Nipple (Orange Monkey Publishing, 2013) and the forthcoming Open SUNY Textbook Naming the Unnameable: An Approach to Poetry for New Generations.  This past summer, she and her husband poet Rob Evory were the inaugural Artists in Residence at Gettysburg National Military Park. Her poetry is featured in the 2013 Best New Poets Anthology and has been published in over seventy journals and magazines, including Crazyhorse, cream city review, Green Mountains Review, Orion Magazine, and The Progressive. She currently teaches literature at Western Michigan University and mentors poets at The Poet’s Billow (thepoetsbillow.com). Her sweet cravings are often satisfied with sea-salted chocolate caramels.

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