Melanie Dunbar

Me, First

Even the buzzards are beautiful
in this slant light, underwings backlit by the sun

The boat launch is deserted
just me on a picnic table under a willow tree

Sun’s palm on the small of my back
wind pinching my arms

The joe-pye weed has blown to fluff
I walk to the dock, roll up my cuffs

step into the lake
I cup water flecked with October

pour it over my head
I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you

Melanie Dunbar is a Master Gardener who has suddenly taken her writing seriously. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her husband, youngest son, and their rooster, Mr. Beautiful. Her poems can be found here:, in Your Impossible Voice, also forthcoming in Gargoyle. She can be reached at Her current favorite sweet is lemon meringue pie.

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