Cassandra de Alba

End Times Fatigue

All anyone wants to read about
is the apocalypse and I am sick
of it already. Already
I am disinterested
in the things out of my control
that will happen to me:
the dead hand system,
the continents reduced
to commando-strewn deserts.
Realistically, the world could end
in a finite number of boring
and mostly preventable ways
and I am tired of all of them.
I want something more:
pinwheels of carnivorous flies,
the ocean bladed and mobile,
our sky peeling back
to reveal a conference room
of deer, shaking their heads,
pushing the red button.

Cassandra de Alba’s work has appeared in Drunken Boat, Fruita Pulp, and Moonsick Magazine, among other publications. Her chapbook “habitat” is forthcoming from Horse Less Press. Find her online at and @cassandraintroy on Twitter.

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