Project Press Play

Excerpt from – Press Play: A webcomic.



A multi-disciplinary storyteller from Indonesia, Edward has worked as writer, producer, director and actor on award-winning stage and screen projects across Asia and the US. He was a producer on How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) and an executive producer on By the Time It Gets Dark. Both films were selected as Thailand’s Oscar entries for Best Foreign Language Film.

He is now based in Hong Kong where he *TRIES TO* keep a regular yoga and meditation practice. His work can be found on


Elbert graduated with a B.A. in Games Art & Design at Norwich University (UK), where he led his team to win the Best Artistic & Best Team award at ‘Dare To Be Digital 2013 and subsequent partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). Passionate about design, media marketing and music, he is now developing innovative gaming and visual projects in his hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia.

In his free time, he does ink illustration and jams on his guitar. He regularly shares his illustrations on Instagram.

The brothers love creating socially-impactful projects. Press Play is their second collaboration.

Edward and Elbert first joined forces on Traffic to the Movies (Macet ke Bioskop) — a mobile app game that combined their love of cinema with their passion to raise awareness on the traffic congestion issue in Jakarta, Indonesia. They partnered with an Indonesian film platform Film Nasional to launch the project.

Currently, they are working on Deep Sea — a video game that immerse players in underwater adventures while learning the impact of ocean pollution. They plan to launch the game in 2020.

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