Grace Gilbert

threnody for what’s left of you

February again &

i want the sound grief makes


when it’s listening.

i want to make new colors of it.

February again & i want to smear

all this muted light,

all the pale weather.

i want the world

warm around us again.

February again &

i want to release

a million tiny moths

from my cupped hands

into a spreading sunset.

i want to see glitter-wings

a glinted elegance.

February again &

i want you preserved

in something gold

& beating



Grace Gilbert is currently studying creative writing at SUNY Geneseo in Western New York. Grace is a finalist in Sweet Literary Magazine’s 2018 poetry contest, and her work can/will be found in Anomaly Lit, Twyckenham Notes, Maudlin House, Pretty Owl Poetry, Gandy Dancer, Glass Mountain Magazine, and more. She is obsessed with Elton John and fancy cheeses. She hopes to pursue an MFA in Poetry after undergrad. Follow her on Twitter @geg2us.

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