Sweet Connections: Spencer Hyde

Each week we will be connecting with our contributors showing where they have been, where they are now, and what’s up for the future. 

Name: Spencer Hyde
Title of Piece published in Sweet: Recovery
Issue:  6.2


Find him:

Spencer lives in Utah and is an English assistant professor at BYU. Be on the lookout for a website in the near future.


What are some major accomplishments you have had since your Sweet publication? 

My first novel is releasing March 2019, and it is called Waiting for Fitz. I have been in many other publications, and am working on my second novel. I’m also writing more essays and short stories as well. Sweet opened the doors for more flash essays. I will always be thankful for Sweet.

Can you tell us about a current/ongoing project that you’re excited about? 

I’m currently writing a short story about a father and daughter. The daughter lives with autism (well, they both do), and I’m trying to figure out how that life and relationship might transform from year to year. My nephew was recently diagnosed, so it’s on my mind a lot lately.

Who is your favorite author? 

Impossible to answer this. I do love Tom Stoppard, though. His plays always inspire me.

What is your favorite poem/essay/book? 

My favorite essay might be Joyas Voladoras by Brian Doyle. I sure miss him.

What inspires you to write? 

All the other writers I meet and talk with. Everything I read. Everything I think. Life keeps me writing.

What is your favorite sweet? 

Oh, my caramel bars. They are amazing.
Thank you, Spencer, for taking the time to reconnect with us.  We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

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