Sweet Ornaments

What do you do when you have a contributor who has started his own business? You team up, of course!  Sweet loves to support our contributors and even more so when the support comes back around to All Of Us.  Hey, that would be a great book title. Wait, it is!

Red Beard Knife and Wood is the creation of Riley Passmore, who gave us “Type One” back in issue 8.1. If you head over to Instagram, you can check out some of his photos and videos from the process of designing and creating these ornaments exclusively for Sweet.


These are available now for purchase in our online store for only $5! Hang it on your tree this holiday season and then keep it out wherever you write to remind you to submit that next piece to Sweet! After that, you can check out Red Beard for more unique gifts.

Many thanks to Riley at Red Beard for his continued support of Sweet!