Kindling by Lisa Laughlin

Sweet is pleased to announce that copies of our inaugural 2017 Flash Nonfiction Contest winning chapbook will be available for purchase at #AWP18.

Any remaining copies will be available online from our Books page after the conference.

from the Foreword:

Laughlin’s work in these essays covers ground related to loss, to the beauty and bare truth of it, and to how our sense of place accommodates that beauty and bare truth. All three of these selections reflect on the dryland wheat farm of Laughlin’s youth, its austerity and dangers, and her own desire to hold it, to keep this home close, while acknowledging that impossibility. With language as stark as the land itself, and in the presence of a writer who meditates and reflects and discovers, we get an opening—a consciousness—that invites us to meditate and reflect and discover alongside, that sketches this place in the small, meaningful strokes of the short form.