As you may remember from Halloween, the only thing better than one Sweet is a whole mess of 'em. Normally you'd be able to find all our back issues here, but some are temporarily offline as we finish up the new design. If you're interested in seeing all of our previous stuff, just try back in a few weeks.

Issue 6.3 - July 2014

At long last, we're ready to serve up some Sweet poems and essays for the summer. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the bounty!

Issue 6.2 - February 2014

Issue 6.2 is hitting the interweb like...well, a snowstorm. But this is one that doesn't require you to get out the snow shovel, mittens, earmuffs, and boots, and it won't make for dangerous driving conditions (unless you're reading while driving, in which case, pull over immediately and pick up a passenger to read it out loud to you!). Stay warm, Sweet friends, and know that winter will, eventually end--but our writers' beautiful words will go on.

Issue 6.1 - October 2013

Since we slipped into October with this issue, we have to wish you all a happy month of spooks and scares leading up to that mysterious night when (some people say) the veils between the worlds thin. Hope you enjoy each world presented here--every poem and essay its own wildly original and strange and familiar world that we are lucky to travel between at will.

Issue 5.3 - May 2013

Sweet's spring may have sprung a little late this year, but we're still squeaking in under the May deadline. Read on for work that explores life--trees, babies, animals--and the obsessions of the living.

Issue 5.2 - January 2013

Well, since the apocalypse some people thought the Mayans predicted did not, in fact, happen (as far as we know), we at Sweet decided to get off our holiday-laziness-inspired butts and cook up another delectable issue for our readers. Enjoy!

Issue 5.1 - September 2012

Oh, Sweet readers, you are in for a ton of treats with this issue (ok, maybe a few tricks, too). Get ready to dive heart-first into autumn.

Issue 4.3 - May 2012

Ah, May. The gateway to summer. Swimming pools, fireflies, no school, and a new Sweet issue better than cotton candy.

Issue 4.2 - February 2012

Winter doldrums? We don't believe in them. Read this issue and you won't, either...

Issue 4.1 - September 2011

The buses are on the road, the kids are back in school... And so is Sweet. We have a new section—Fan Mail—a place where readers respond with letters to the work they love. Enjoy!

Issue 3.3 - April 2011

April showers bring...Sweet 3.3: 14 poems, 5 essays, 2 graphics, 1 sweet magazine Enjoy!

Issue 3.2 - January 2011

Winter is here, and along with it a spankin' new Sweet. Tim Elhajj makes his second visit to the pages, along with three other prose writers, poetry from six poets, a graphic treatise on Adam Smith, and a photo essay by Dinty W. Moore. Enjoy!

Issue 3.1 - September 2010

Sweet's first issue with its new design includes poetry from seven poets, essays from three fantastic nonfiction writers, and, for the first time, graphic nonfiction from three artists and writers.

Issue 2.3 - May 2010

Our Spring 2010 issue has work from eight different poets and essays from four more writers. It's one of our biggest issues ever!

Issue 2.2 - January 2010

Sweet starts 2010 off with seven poets and four nonfiction writers. In this issue's work you'll find kindergarten kids, hurricanes, Greek titans, and lots more.

Issue 2.1 - September 2009

Sweet 2.1 includes tattoos, hotels, earthquakes, and many other things guaranteed to rock your socks off.

Issue 1.3 - May 2009

A little spring Sweet-ing includes essays on both Valentine's Day and Tyrannosaurs, and the work of six poets.

Issue 1.2 - January 2009

Sweet's second-ever issue has essays from three writers, and poems from seven more.

Issue 1.1 - September 2008

The first Sweet. Essays by new voices and a Pulitzer Prize nominee, not to mention poetry from five different poets.