Ashley Inguanta
There's a Hound Inside Her Lungs

       There's a hound inside her lungs, breathing the scent the man left. Sweat gathered
       in clumps, a salt-water river through his forehead lines. His eyes, cowboy-hat
       shaded. He said flowers belong under rugs. Clusters of veined petals, soiled
       roots—he said they all belong under rugs. Her back rushed to the wall, corkboard
       pin held between his calloused hands, almost, almost on her skin. Almost, almost on
       her brown skin, her branching veins rising, plumping like mountains, then settling—
       hard. She thinks this is what thunder feels like when the sky grows sharp with light.
       A decade later, light will pierce her in the form of a woman's tongue, sharp enough
       to slice the begonias she hid within bells. Muted lullaby, bloodhound chorus.

Ashley Inguanta earned her MFA from the University of Central Florida and has taught several Introduction to Creative Writing courses at the university level. She has also worked as a Creative Writing Instructor at Lakeside Alternative, a mental health facility. Most recently, her photography has appeared in make/shift magazine. Ashley is also a contributing photographer for SmokeLong Quarterly. SmokeLong Quarterly, Pindeldyboz, Elephant Journal, Breadcrumb Scabs,and All Things Girl. She recently earned an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train for their Very Short Fiction Award. Also this year, Ashley has been nominated as UCF's choice for the AWP Intro Journals Award in fiction. Her short-short "Trash" is forthcoming in Gone Lawn. Keep up to date with Ashley's publications and travels here: